David Bigelow

“Mandy was highly recommended by a neighbor/friend who employed her to sell their home. Everything he said, we saw in Mandy, and through the course of the sale it was confirmed. You want Mandy to be your agent, pure and simple. Our property was unique and required Mandy’s broad view of the potential market and […]

Chris Moi

“Mandy was our agent when we purchased our house back in 2011. We were new to the Fresno area and did not have the luxury of knowing anyone who could recommend a realtor. We did an internet search and honestly liked the look of Mandy’s profile picture. She looked confident, trustworthy and experienced. All of […]

Steve and Mary Shearer

“Mandy is gracious, trustworthy, friendly, and efficient. We would highly recommend Mandy Herring to anyone wishing to sell their property!”  5 Stars!

Craig McDonald

“She did everything required and more 1st sold in 4 hours had a problem with buyer over clovis business license less than a week for final buyer just had 2 different time frame on when check would show in bank very stressful weekend . Alls well that ends well.”


“Mandy Herring lead us through every step of the way with ease even through a bump along the way that wasn’t her fault. She was always encouraging and stayed in communication with every detail.  Mandy is someone I felt I could trust in every part of our home search. Mandy went above and beyond what […]


“Mandy Herring at Century 21 C. Watson has been a very knowledgeable, personable, great in her communication skills and always present in every step I took throughout the time I first looked a homes to purchase to the closing of my loan. She has clarified any issues that I needed to understand and has explained […]

Jim Pugh

“Mandy did a great job for us. Always ready with an answer and good humor when things were getting a little wacky. She diffused me a few times and kept everything going fine.  We had a very challenging seller so She had her work cut out for her. She came through like a champ. I […]

William and Stephanie

“Mandy is an awesome realtor. She is always available and made miracles happen. She knows her stuff, and everything was done quickly. We love her and will recommend her to everyone we know that is in the market for buying or selling their property. She is a rare gem and anyone would be blessed to […]